Mapadore is a software house specialized in the automation and optimization of business processes.

We offer "off the shelf" products and we develop custom solutions to integrate our optimization engine into third-party applications / services

Mapadore is a Salesforce ISV and we have been on Appexchange since 2017.


Mapadore was named Cool Vendor in CRM Sales 2018 by Gartner


We help organizations improve and exceed business goals by offering guided tools that boost processes and balance daily workloads.

Learn how you can increase client’s perception of your product while also using your data efficiently to improve processes, minimising resources waste and organising business strategies.


We make the sales journey easy and fluid.

Our digital assistants accelerate CRM adoption: they efficiently manage existing customers and simplify the work of consultants and anyone who needs to travel.

Mapadore helps companies meet more clients, build better relationships and reduce time inefficiencies.

Our Testimonials


“Mapadore has allowed me to efficiently plan my sales routes optimising costs and increasing yields. I can now efficiently fulfill in few minutes all the back office tasks that used to absorb my entire afternoons.“

Mario Cherubini - Manufacturer's Consultant

“Mapadore has played a crucial part in the optimisation of our sales agents’ scheduling and travelling time. Today we successfully optimise all travelling costs and yield higher profits by allowing our sales network to focus only on the best sales opportunities“

Giulio Bonanni - Sales & Marketing Analyst, Studio Volpi

“Before implementing Mapadore, our sales agents did everything manually according to individual methods and processes. There were many inefficiencies and decisions were influenced by the agents’ emotional state instead of being informed by due data analysis.“

Filippo Davì - Sales Consultant, Tecnostrutture


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