Digital Assistants

Would you like to optimize the planning activities and finally focus on your clients?

Mapadore helps you save time and make effective decisions based on data analysis using two components:

Geolocation helps you visualize clients on the map and optimize the routes during your agents' sales journey. This will allow you to increase the number of clients met on a daily basis and increase revenues.

Artificial intelligence suggests the actions to make thanks to our algorithm that has been recognized by Gartner. This way you can be sure that you take the most effective decisions

These components of Mapadore’s “Algorithm Driven Execution” (ADE) process help you transform your corporate data assets into optimized execution.

This way you can delegate all planning activities and focus on your clients.

Digital Assistants

How Mapadore improves the sales process

Mapadore uses Digital Assistants to guide the salesperson towards the most effective decisions in order to increase revenues.


Relevance score

All clients are important, but some are more important than others.


Locate clients and leads on the map to empower your route planning

Profile matching

Increase selling probability by matching your clients with your sales reps.

Next best customer

Increase the conversion probability by visiting the current best lead.

Smart planner

Geo-optimized appointment planning that allows you to reduce travelling costs.

Multi-channel integration

Real time Sync with your different platforms.

Smart check in

Sales Reps can quickly and intuitively update the CRM with the outcomes.

Smart filters

Set your filters and create your map view

Where we create value in your sales journey

  • Qualification: during the qualification step our digital assistants help you prioritize your leads
  • Proposal: make the right commercial proposal to the right decision maker, at the right time
  • Negotiation: our digital assistants allow you to dedicate the right amount of time to your clients depending on their position in the sales cycle
  • Close: our digital assistants allow you to increase the number of closed deals