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Change the perception that your clients have of your product!

Being perceived as a commodity is a risk you can't take. By using Mapadore it is possible to create a sales plan focused on clients experience.

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How can you be perceived as more than a simple commodity?

The market keeps changing and it will require businesses to focus more and more on the experience given to clients in order to grant success.

Learn how you can improve the perception that your clients have of your product while also using your data efficiently to make the processes more efficient, reducing waste of resources to the minimum.

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"One of the top business issues (71%) that IT teams are expected to address is how to increase operational efficiency"

KPMG CIO Survey Power and Utilities Sector 2018

Ways Mapadore can help you…


Our Digital Assistants

Shows the operator the best possible route for the activities, Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Agility, completely integrated with both the CRM informations and Google Maps;
  • Display of the most efficient routes by simply clicking on one button;
  • Better visualisation of the objectives to be carried out on the day, taking into account every factor.
Displays the best rated clients, taking into account the relevance criteria of your company, the value of each opportunity, the chances of success and the transfer costs. It helps you decide what is your next best action based on priorities and success chance. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Fast and efficient planning for you to spend more time with customers and have better results;
  • Better visualisation of your clients and opportunities, faster decision-making process;
  • Smart suggestions with the possibility to use filters to improve the visualization of your information.
A digital assistant will give you instant feedback on the efficiency of your agenda and show the improvement rate that your agenda could benefit from. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Suggestions on how to schedule your agenda so you can sell more;
  • Optimization tool to schedule your appointments with only a click;
The best clients in your area are displayed on the map according to the same criteria of Next Best Customer. It also allows you to visualise everything on the map and sort information with simple or complex custom filters. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Better and fast visualisation of the CRM information on the Map;
  • Easy to fulfil slots on your agenda or substitute cancelled appointments;
  • Easy display of the most relevant clients with the possibility to use filters.
This feature uses geolocation, maps and A.I. algorithms to help you organise your activities for the day or the whole week by showing the Next Best Customer and creating appointments on your calendar in a few seconds. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Integration with CRM and Google Calendar;
  • Fast creation of appointments;
  • Suggestions with the best dates and times for visiting each client;
  • Fast, Easy and Efficient fulfilment of calendar.
We provide you with a tool to register your check-in and check-out of appointments, that also allows you to take notes on the meeting. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • It's an easy to use tool that allows you to save vital information on you appointments in a matter of seconds;
  • It allows you to build a historical database on your recent activities to record the outcome of your meetings.
This feature allows you to assign new calls and appointments to a team considering the already existing commitments of each member. Some of the main points of this feature are:
  • Immediate assignment of new calls to the agenda of the operator
  • Very easy and intuitive UI;
  • Intuitive and easy global management of the sales network.


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“Here at Mapadore our mission is to revolutionize the sales market. With that in mind we seek to provide a unique experience for each individual company, understanding their reality and providing them with a tool that will be a turning page for a new level of optimisation and results.“

Michele Motta - Sales Manager, Mapadore

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