Mapadore has been recognised by Google Cloud as the best solution for improving sales team productivity

Mapadore has been recognised by Google Cloud as the best solution for improving sales team productivity

Make sure your sales reps focus on customers and save up to 50% in costs!

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen by Google Cloud as the best solution for improving sales team productivity.

Our CEO Fabrizio Bosio has been interviewed by Google and outlined Mapadore’s mission with the following words:

“We want to enable companies to improve their processes and help sales teams work smarter. By harnessing Google Maps Platform, we have the data we need to suggest the best time slots, schedules and routes and help agents reach the clients faster and more efficiently.”

Fabrizio Bosio – CEO @Mapadore

As brought up in the article, years ago we decided to address the “traveling salesman problem” and for this reason we developed an algorithm that allows your team to focus on customers, decrease costs and increase revenues.

That is now more important than ever because the pandemic has brought lot of changes that will affect the future of sales organisations, one above all a different concept of ​​”meeting”.

Sales teams must develop a Hybrid Approach because it will no longer be possible to make only physical meetings and consequently it is necessary to have a tool that optimizes the making appointment process, whether physical or remotely.

Read this article to learn more about the macro changes that sales organisations are experiencing and the ways you can optimize the resources of your sales team.

Mapadore supports you in this transition by giving you the right tools to face the New Normal challenges.

The major results that we have been mentioned for are the following:

  • We support you to implement the Hybrid Approach so you can manage online and offline appointments;
  • We enable sales reps to schedule more appointments on a daily basis; 
  • We help agents optimise their route planning, resulting in up to 50% cost reduction;  
  • We boost efficiency by providing managers with a real-time overview of their sales teams, allowing to visualise their location on map.

Why is it important to optimise planning activities?

These kind of activities are time-consuming and don’t really bring added value to the company or the customers.

Planning activities can be challenging as it requires to weigh multiple considerations at the same time:

  • The average total transfer time spent travelling from one client to another. This should not only take into account the distance, but also the hazards that may occur along the way;
  • The time spent with the client, which depends on the sales relationship stage;
  • The time spent on back-office duties, like reporting, CRM data entry or documentation management;
  • The priority of certain clients over others, depending on their geographical position and the value they yield;
  • The type of meeting, whether is online or offline.

This is why we developed a solution that employs Geolocation, allowing you to clearly see the clients on map, and Artificial Intelligence, suggesting which actions to take next.

Mapadore can therefore transform all your data into optimised execution through the “Algorithm Driven Execution” process.

Let us bring a case history to you, that was mentioned by Google itself.

One of our clients managing a call center had its team members spend 6 to 7 minutes qualifying each customer and trying to locate the closest available sales agents. 

Thanks to Mapadore the entire process now takes 30 seconds and our client has increased its appointments by 5%. 

Does that not sound impressive enough? If you take into account that 5% converts into 7 new clients every month and that each new customer yields an average $12,000, it is easy to understand how considerable the profit increase has become.  

Are you interested to learn more? Read our case studies here.

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