The framework for introducing AI and for automating routine processes

The framework for introducing AI and for automating routine processes

On 2 and 3 September 2020 Mapadore was a guest of the London Summit on Artificial Intelligence which was held entirely in digital form.

It has been an opportunity to meet with leading companies that are taking advantage of technology to face the market challenges.

This annual summit aims to provide guidelines for all those companies that want to implement artificial intelligence in their processes in order to optimize costs and increase revenues.

In last month’s newsletter we covered topics related to the use of chatbots as an application of AI to the commercial department of companies.

This month we will tackle another example of practical application, this time using the case study of one of our clients who was a speaker at the event.

Specifically, we will talk about:

  • The framework used by E.ON (Supersolar) to drive change in the energy industry;
  • Application of AI in the automation of routine processes and in the UX.

E.ON (Supersolar) at the AI ​​Summit 2020

One of the speakers at the event was Matthew Timms, CEO of E.ON Digital (Supersolar), who gave a presentation entitled:

“How E.ON leverages data and AI to drive the energy transition and sync with new energy world”

The event began with a necessary premise:

Why is a change necessary in this industry?

Human development has been linked to energy since ancient times, when the first societies developed close to natural energy sources.

Over the centuries, technology has made great improvements and we have managed to produce the energy we needed.

This up to the present day, where unfortunately energy is taken for granted and the use of non-renewable sources has reached a point of no return.

Infact, given the climate changes in recent decades it is now a priority to find sources of energy that are sustainable.

To do this, technology is called to solve the problem once again.

Matthew says that data is the starting point and that artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in grouping, organizing and interpreting it in the best possible way.

E.ON is using AI to design and build products and solutions for the new world of energy.

To do it the best way, E.ON is following a framework that takes into account the most important factor: the human factor.

Matthew Timms, CEO di E.ON Digital (Supersolar) – AI Summit Settembre 2020

As you can see from the slide, the first step is about leadership and corporate culture, which is the starting point for introducing any change within organizations.

Regarding this, we would like to suggest to you this article that we wrote about another fundamental tool that is important for data management: the CRM.

If implemented correctly it allows to better organize data, to have greater control over business processes and to have a complete and updated view of the sales network.

In order to amplify its potential and extract value from the data contained, the CRM can be enhanced with the AI.

What kind of value?

The automation of routine processes that do not bring added value and the optimization of the user and employee experience.

All these factors are part of the framework mentioned by Matthew.

Regarding this matter, Mapadore helped E.ON to improve the experience of users contacting the company and the work of team members.

E.ON was using a call center to call leads, understand their needs and make appointments.

Unfortunately, the team was spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks like managing lists of customers, identification of the most suitable salesperson and the meeting planning.

In this way, the company wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to the customers, with the risk to compromise the UX and the opinion of the company.

For this reason, E.ON was looking for a software that could help the company in the following ways:

  • To contact efficiently all potential customers without losing business opportunities;
  • To make appointments in the most appropriate time slots;
  • To consider at the same time multiple variables such as travel distance and time;
  • To balance the workload of sales representatives;
  • To assign the most appropriate salesperson to each potential customer.

Thanks to Mapadore’s digital assistants that integrate geolocation and artificial intelligence, E.ON has been able to exponentially improve customer acquisition and management.

All this by optimizing internal processes and improving the team’s work.

Thanks to the results achieved and the customer centricity it has developed, E.ON has been cited at the Gartner Summit 2019 as a successful case study.

If you want to learn more download the complete case study by clicking the following button: