Mapadore offers an optimization engine employing an artificial intelligence algorithm to optimize your business processes.

It was designed and built to be integrated in several IT contexts, such as:

Mapadore uses Digital Assistants: the salesperson is guided through the sales journey to make sure that he always takes the most effective decisions to increase sales.
The proprietary algorithm uses artificial intelligence and is fully integrated with the CRM and with the data in it.
For its efficiency, Mapadore has been named “cool vendor” by Gartner in 2018.
Mapadore uses Digital Assistants: the manager is guided during the planning of the post-sales assistance. They suggest the manager where to allocate the technicians on the basis of optimization criterias.
The proprietary algorithm uses artificial intelligence and can be integrated with any data source.
Best Fit is a custom application developed for a customer.
The optimization engine suggests the most suitable technician for a specific task.
Mapadore provides an optimization engine that natively covers numerous use cases in the world of resource efficiency and can be easily integrated into existing business applications.
Mapadore offers the possibility of increasing the number of deliveries made by traditional home delivery systems by offering a platform that integrates and extends existing architectures.
Thanks to features such as capacity planning and appointments reshuffle it allows you to:
  • evaluate the delivery capacity of the existing structure and / or size it for the expected load
  • reconfigure the appointments made to free up useful spaces for new slots
  • manage in real time the assignment of new appointment slots compatible with already set visits
Mapadore can increase the number of appointments managed within a day by up to 20%, reduce the number of kilometers traveled per delivery and offer an ideal service for a situation where customers are mainly at home


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