Does scheduling take too much of your time? Find out how the ADE process can help.

Does scheduling take too much of your time? Find out how the ADE process can help.

Learn how to schedule a sales route in just a few minutes by using the Salesforce environment. Finally, find out how to optimise costs and increase your sales network’s revenues.

As a sales manager, you very well know that the most valuable resource available to you is time.

You probably often wish you had more hours in a day to be able to carry out all the activities on your “to-do” list and perhaps that you could also manage to invest in higher quality relations with the clients.   

Unfortunately time is a limited resource. You can’t replace it, you can’t accumulate it and you can’t store it for times of need.

However, time also has the advantage of being measurable and we dispose of the same quantity even day.

Thus, in order for your company to meet its business goals, it’s important to manage such resource at its best.

Considering your salespeople’s experience and competence, how is it possible that set quota are so difficult to be met?

The problem is that everyone of us has a personal understanding of time and we often make evaluation mistakes that prevent us from obtaining the best possible results from a limited amount of time.

Besides, it’s not easy to handle many tasks in a single day, especially when they range from phone calls to admin activities, from meetings to hazards, and at the same time dedicate enough attention to clients and sales activities. 

A number of recent studies testify that sales agents only spend an average 25% of their total working time with clients.

This means that your agents spend most of their time travelling from one client to the other and managing all the relevant logistics.

How can you increase the time dedicated to clients?

You can do so by freeing your salespeople from all those “side” activities that are not strictly related to sales.

A correct management of your salespeople’s agenda would definitely yield an impressive effect on the quantity and quality of time that they dedicate to clients.

By optimising the agendas you would manage to increase the number of daily appointments and as a consequence also sales opportunities, which at the end of the year may convert into a conspicuous revenue increase.  

However, there are many factors that you need to keep into consideration: 

  • The average time spent travelling from one client to the other, which can’t merely be determined by the number of kilometres, but should also consider possible accidents along the way.
  • The average time that needs to be dedicated to the client, which depends on the relational stage in the sales cycle.
  • The time required to perform back-office activities, including report writing, CRM data entry and document administration.
  • The geographical position of the clients and their priority level.

If you were to consider all these factors every time you need to plan a sales route you would consume a huge amount of time, with a high risk of making mistakes and wrong evaluations.

Sales Transformation allows you to cover all those areas where human resources don’t actually bring any added value.

Automation can help you by providing support both to your scheduling and your sales activities, especially in those business contexts where relating with clients is essential to closing deals.

Hence, thanks to Sales Transformation, human resources can finally focus only on those activities that allow them to bring added value to the client and produce value for the company.

As all routine activities are handed over to technology, salespeople are finally allowed to spend most of their time with the clients.  

The ADE (Algorithm Driven Execution) process developed by Mapadore allows you to optimise the time you dedicate to scheduling tasks, thanks to the combination of a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm with geolocation.

In other words, the process extracts value from the information available on your CRM and guides you through all the scheduling activities, thereby allowing you to save hours of time. 

Mapadore guides you by providing suggestions of geo-optimised appointments, which are organised for you in a way to reduce all inefficiencies and waste of resources.

Every sales route suggestion always keeps into consideration: 

  1. The appointments that have already been scheduled with the clients. The algorithm will suggest which clients to visit, the day and the time, depending on the existing commitments.
  2. The importance of leads. Not all leads are equally important to your business. The algorithm will suggest which client to visit first, depending on the priority criteria that you have set and that you can tailor to the company evolving needs.
  3. The distance between appointments, considering possible accidents along the way, thanks to the integration with Google Maps.
  4. Mapadore allows you to schedule appointments for your sales team directly on their agendas, keeping into consideration all the aforementioned criteria.

With just a few clicks, Mapadore allows you to plan an entire sales route, by scheduling appointments directly on your sales agents’ diary or on your own.

Moreover, the ADE process can be integrated with machine learning, allowing the system to learn from your users’ behaviours and provide consistent instructions on the clients that should be met and the best time options to do so.

In reference to the results yielded to a number of companies like General Electric Healthcare, Super Solar (E.ON) and Abitare In, Mapadore was formally recognised by Gartner as “Cool Vendor 2018” and was mentioned by Italian newspapers like Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera.

Our goal at Mapadore is to make the sales processes simple and fluid through a tool that has the additional advantage of encouraging the adoption and everyday use of your CRM, as it is useful, intuitive and compatible with mobile technology.

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