Letter From The Future From The Machine Room

Letter From The Future From The Machine Room

Space, the final frontier
Starship Mapadore, spatial date 2023.

Here is the chief engineer Vincenzo Gianferrari Pini speaking to you from the machine room.

The Starship Mapadore’s engine have been built to face the most complicated missions. During my career I have design and developed instruments able to support mankind in managing big amounts of data, and in that way, automatizing a big part of their activities.

But from 2019 until today the data inside the companies have increased exponentially. Many organizations realized, all of the sudden, that they had an actual goldmine of information they didn’t know how to use!

Having a lot of data inside the organization means having a statistical base that you can analyze. This means that the data can generate an information. And that the information brings you to strategic decisions.

At the end of 2017 Mapadore was prepared to guide the strategic decisions (and operative) starting from the disaggregated data.


Building an highly customizable and versatile engine that could be adapted to the overwhelming majority of the organization’s data. The statistic and artificial intelligence at disposal of the processes with a single objective: simplifying the choice making based on real data.

We decided to apply the algorithm in many diverse areas, but in the last years a specific sector has benefited from it: the sales.

The organizational CRM is the main instrument for keeping track of the clients’ relations and on this year it has become the main investment of organizations.

All the information concerning the client are passed to the company’s CRM and having artificial intelligence applied to it has generated a new level of revenue and efficiency of the sales processes that have never been thought to be possible during the days the data was managed manually.

The biggest challenge we have faced in the last years of missions have been conquered with few other starships: the efficiency of processes.

In a world ever more complex the attention can’t be put only on producing more, but also on producing better (with the maximum of automation possible).

We have noticed that the successful companies have been those that have got people used to the algorithms, not as replacement of human labor, but as “first mile” that reduces the simple operative human activity allowing them to dedicate more time to the tasks with more aggregated value.

Besides that, an algorithm to be efficient in the real world should not take all the control of the operations, but should rather interact instant by instant with its “pilot”, that will always have additional information and in alignment with the strategic vision of the mission, being however able to “auto pilot” when it comes to the routine situations.

And, through continuous learning, it will be possible to manage like “routine” situations treated as “exceptional” initially.

And what is artificial intelligence if not all of that?

From the technical point of view Mapadore provides the companies with an extremely optimized engine that noticeably reduces the calls API toward third party services (for example Google Maps) and still guarantee the quality and precision of the decisions and suggestions.

And allows an optimized navigation, that is also flexible and adaptive, between the several “space stations” to visit the Clients, balancing the travel costs with the value of the opportunity of each individual visit, suggesting also the best operator to be sent for interacting in person with each client.

In other words the starship Mapadore is projected to be much lighter and faster than the other starships, allowing it to face the complexity and amount of data of today with much less processes and outside calls. Today, in fact, Mapadore is able to process an elevated number of highly complex operations, all without straining its motor.

Definitely Mapadore provides its algorithm for optimizing the day-by-day of it’s users and applies its algorithm to self optimize.

It could be said “how Mapadore optimizes Mapadore”!

The present instrument is scalability, flexibility and automation and to the colleges from 2019 I suggest taking this into consideration when choosing your starship for the future challenges!

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